Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Well... this is by far the hardest blog post I've had to write...

I am:

I faced the scale today for the first time in months.  After making horrible eating choices, not working out, and being really down on myself these past few months, not only did I lose all of the progress that I had made but I GAINED from my original starting weight. 

It's incredible how crummy that itty bitty scale can make you feel!  I realize that this is a pivotal moment in my life.  I am absolutely devastated, and could easily just throw in the towel.  In the past that is exactly what I would have done, but this is a NEW ME!  & I am not going to give up.  I am going to take this for what it is... a learning experience. 

Current Weight: 318.2 lbs.

That is a 3.2 lb. gain from my original start weight.  I am still in absolute shock!  & It's taking everything inside me not to fall apart...

But tomorrow is a new day!  I am going to wake up in the morning & move on.  

Goodnight All!


  1. Sending you a big hug. I am glad you are back to blogging and know that you are going to get the weight off. I am here for you if you need extra support Katie. You motivated me to do The 30 Day Shred in Nov/Dec. It was a really great project to do it for 30 days straight. I am now doing it 3 days a week for strength training. Wanna join me...:-) xoxo

  2. Don't be too hard on yourself. Sure, it sucks, but the important part is that you've faced it and you're ready to move on. And you've already succeeded by not giving up.

    You can do it!!

    As for my blog - it was done by the blog fairy. Just google it and it should bring you to the right place.

  3. It is what it is. Don't beat yourself up about it too much. It's your starting point - no looking back now! Just move forward towards the healthier you. You can do this lady - I know you can!

  4. Like those before me said; don't hang your head. Keep it held high and keep a positive attitude. Easier said than done, I know.
    Good to see you have recognised what you have to do. Leave 2009 behind you, you're soooo 2010 now! ;)

  5. Just move on from here. We're all here for you.

    Have a great, HEALTHY weekend!

  6. I felt horrible when I posted my last 'my bad' post. It was really hard to do it.

    Good for you for posting this! It would have
    been so much easier to not post at all, but I'm glad you did. That shows you're committed to change.