Thursday, July 15, 2010

New Condo Pics! :)

Here are some pictures of the new condo I'm renting- I have a roommate, so I only had to furnish my room.  

THE END!  :)

Adios 9 pounds :)

So I'm pretty excited.  I just moved 1,800 miles from home to Boise, Idaho & I absolutely love it here.  Everybody is so friendly and welcoming- it's great!  My favorite aspect of it is that It seems to be easier for me to lose weight here.. super! :)  First of all, I'm on a tight budget so I tend to eat at home a heck of a lot more!  Secondly, I get to go up and down these stairs every time I have to take the dog out and/or go anywhere...

When I first moved here I decided there was no way I was going to be able to do it.  I freaked out & started looking for a new place to live that day... I got light headed and out of breath just with the thought of moving all of my stuff up to that third floor.  THEN I had an aha moment... this was going to be really super duper good for me.  I get a bunch of exercise everyday without even having a choice.  The last thing that has been really helpful with my weight loss is that they have two pools & hot tubs here in the condo community.  I have been out swimming and getting my tan on almost every day.  It has been so liberating for me, because I have not really swam in public in a bathing suit for years.  When I moved here I decided there was no way I was just going to let that pool sit there and not use it just because I'm fat and don't want people to see me in a swim suit...  So, I have been taking full advantage of it!  
I have been busy adjusting, working, getting settled and organizing my stuff these past two weeks, so I have not yet worked out.  There are two workout facilities here on the grounds, so I plan to fully utilize them starting next week once things are a bit more situated.

So my great news is that I lost 9 pounds these past two weeks since I have moved here.  The most awesome part of it all is that I haven't really tried too hard at all... I have just been eating fairly healthy, and have been going up and down those dang stairs! lol :)

I hope everybody has a wonderful day!  It is sunny & beautiful here... I hope the same goes for you all!
♥ Katie

Monday, July 5, 2010

It's been awhile... A looong while!

Wow!  It's been over four months since my last post.

So much has happened...

You know those experiences where something happens or somebody says something that is monumental to you, and at that moment you decide you are going to change.  Like when a little kid walks by and says "that girl is fat" or when you wait an hour in line for a rollercoaster only to realize that you just can't quite stuff yourself into the seat.  Well yeah- I've had both of those experiences and many many more, and each and every time I tell myself that I have to change- I just can't handle the embarrassment anymore.  Recently it seems these experiences have been happening to me more than usual, which has really stunk :/  A few months ago I was flying home from visiting my cousin in Arizona.  I have begun not wearing my seatbelt on the airplane, because either it doesn't fit, or I spend 10 minutes jabbing the guy next to me while I try to jam it on.  Well, the no seatbelt solution was working well until the flight attendant came up to me and specifically asked if I was wearing my seatbelt... Fearing humiliation, I told her yes and continued doing what I was doing.  About 5 minutes later, she came up to me again and said "miss, I'm going to need to see that you are wearing your seatbelt before we take off."  I felt my face turn beat red, when I ashamedly had to admit that I was not wearing one.  She told me that I was going to have to find a different seat, because they do not allow seatbelt extensions in the exit row... right there in the aisle in the middle of the plane she said that... I was horrified, embarrassed, ticked off, you name it... I just looked at her, sucked in as hard as I could, and jammed the seatbelt shut- it took a few tries, but I managed, and she walked away.  At that moment I decided that I needed to change... but somehow hours later I managed to slip right back into my regular way of living.  More recently I went to a restaurant with my cousin.  The hostess seated us at a nice booth right near the front entrance.  It was a tight squeeze for me, but I am pretty used to it by now.  About 2 minutes later the hostess came back to the table and said that she was going to move us somewhere more comfortable... I knew exactly what she meant, but I told her no- that we were both fine and perfectly comfortable.  She basically argued with me back and forth saying that our waiter told her to move us to a different table, because I didn't seem comfortable in a booth.  I finally for some reason which I am still yet to realize, gave in and let her move us to a different table.  I should have just walked out... I didn't like the way the situation was handled at all, I was put on the spot and embarrassed in front of my cousin and the surrounding people in the restaurant.  Once again, I decided that THIS TIME I was going to change... for real this time, this was it!  Well, needless to say It didn't happen.  I just don't get it... how can a person endure these horrendous experiences and not be motivated enough to change.  The only thing I can think of is that they just drag you down so much that you don't even have the energy, willpower or motivation to truly change.  I don't know what it is.. it's just been a rough few months for me...
When these things happen I kind of just shut down, which is the main reason I haven't blogged in so long.  But I really need to change that.  I do so much better when I am writing down my feelings each day and reading all of your positive ideas and comments.  So that is my new goal- blog blog blog :)

I have missed all of you!  Tomorrow=read blogs & get up to date on how everyone is doing!

Well I'm off to bed.  I will talk to you all tomorrow :)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Weekly Weigh In...

Well.. I wish I were super excited for this post, but eh.. not so much.  I thought I did really well this week, but I maintained the same weight.  I know there are times where you plateau and stay the same, which is totally fine by me because I will take that over gaining any day!
Here's to a new week! :]

I hope everybody had a fabulous weekend!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Pizza... My Archenemy!

So... I was doing really well with eating healthy until I was invited out for a valentines dinner @ a pizza place.  I tried to be good and have a side salad first so that I wasn't as hungry by the time the pizza came around.  Well needless to say.. I totally pigged out on pizza.  I told myself just to have one piece, but my stomach had alternate ideas.  I know these things happen every once and awhile, but it's hard not to get down on myself.  I know I just need to take it for what it is- an occasional indulgence- and get over it!

How do you avoid those trigger foods?  I have dealt with it by substituting the foods that I love for something healthier- for example: Rather than going out and ordering a pizza, I make homemade pizzas with whole wheat dough, low fat cheese, and turkey sausage rather than the fattening ingredients they are usually prepared with.

Have a great day everybody!

P.S: my weigh in day is going to be changed to Fridays, because I'm going back on my weight watchers program & that is when I go :]

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Happy Days :]

This week is going really well so far :]  I am so happy with the way things have been going.  I have been slacking about going to the gym these past few days, but I have been eating great and loving life!  I have been pretty busy with school, work & job interviews!  My job interview went really well! I think...  There were 30 other people that applied for the position, so I'm thinking my odds aren't that great, but hey!  I did the best I could :]  We shall see!!!

I am failing miserably with my goal of only weighing myself once a week... yikes!  I am doing better than in the past, but I'm still weighing myself more than I should be for my own sanity... I will be better!

I've come to realize that it is so much easier when you have a teammate or partner when you are on the road to weight loss.  My mom is that team player in my situation.  I am so proud of how she has been doing!  She has lost 9 pounds so far.  It is hard for her, because she has a lot of health problems so she isn't really able to work out much.  Good job mom!

Who is your team player?

Tomorrow = tons of homework :-/ 


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Quick Note!

I have to get to bed, because I have a job interview in the morning, but today was weigh in day.  I lost 3 lbs. this week- pretty happy about that :]  My goal for this upcoming week is to get in ENOUGH calories, and continue to work out hard at the gym.  I hope everybody has a wonderful day!  I will write more tomorrow! 

Goodnight! :]

Monday, February 8, 2010

Interview Madness!

I have come to the conclusion that the scale is capable of playing some serious mind games!  It is driving me absolutely nuts- up, down, up down... I have gone a little (well actually a lot) overboard weighing myself pretty much every time I am in the bathroom.  

Hence, my new goal: WEIGH IN ONCE A WEEK!  This will be super duper tough for me, but I am sick and tired of the scale dictating to me how I will feel the rest of the day!  Tuesdays are my weigh in days right now, so I will have my updated stats tomorrow.

 I am pretty excited about the way things have been going for me.  I have been eating really healthy and working out hard everyday.  This is the longest consecutive time period that I have stayed on track, so I am pretty proud of myself.  I know that this time I am going to succeed no matter what, and that is a great feeling!!! :]

SoOo... I have an interview on Wednesday for a job that I REALLY want!  That only gives me a couple of days to learn more about the company and prepare myself, which is pretty stressful because I am a novice interviewee.  Any helpful interview tips and suggestions would be much appreciated!

Thanks! and I hope everybody is having a not so manic Monday! :]

Saturday, February 6, 2010

The New Me! :]

So a BIG CHANGE happened today!!!  I still can't believe I did it!  I chopped my hair off!

I went from THIS:



The hairdresser was so excited- she hadn't done such a "makeover" in a long time.  As I watched the mountain of my hair on the floor get bigger and bigger I knew there was no going back.  Good news is that I totally love it & it will be sooooo much more manageable!  I feel like this is part of a whole new me, because I was always too afraid to have short hair framing my big ol' fat face.  The new me doesn't give a darn! :]

Have A Wonderful Weekend Everyone!

Oh yeah- p.s:  the healthy eating & working out is going absolutely fantastic.  I am so excited to weigh in next week!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Weekly Weigh In!...

So..... today was weigh in day!  After working out 6 days of this past week and eating super duper healthy I am happy to say that I have lost 8 pounds this week.  I am very happy and proud of myself for that accomplishment.  I have had more self control and discipline then ever before.

Yesterday was rough... I just was not motivated at all to go to the gym and work out.  Finally, around 10pm (I was tired as heck) but I told myself that If I really wanted to change I needed to get up and get my butt to the gym!  In the past I would have just ignored those feelings, but last night was a turning point.  I got up and ready, headed to the gym, and worked out HARD!  I felt so accomplished on my way home.  It was one of the best feelings.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful, healthy day!

♥ Katie

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


So we all have our "things."  The foods that are absolutely irresistible to us.  I think it's important to recognize those trigger foods so that you can stay far far away from them.  Well!!!... last night I failed to do just that.  I had such a craving for ice cream.  Luckily all we had was strawberry frozen yogurt.  Moral of the story- I ate too much of it! hehe :]  For eating practically perfect the rest of this past week I really don't feel too bad about it.  It's good to indulge every once and awhile, right?...

I have discovered a new love in the breakfast world.  If you've followed me for awhile now, you know that I am not very good at eating breakfast so this is a big thing for me!  Peanut Butter Banana Smoothies... YUM! :]

1 medium banana
1 cup ice cubes
1 cup fat-free milk
1 1/2 tablespoons peanut butter
1 cup fat-free vanilla yogurt

Just blend it all together.  It makes 4 servings & It's delicious (at least I think so!)

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Ahh... the sweet smell of success! :]

So... a few days ago I joined a weight loss challenge with a bunch of members of my family!  We are calling it the 50 for 10.  You put in $50 and have to lose 10% of your body weight by the end of the challenge (March 29th).  If you meet your goal you get your money back and then split or get all of the money from the people that did not meet the goal.  A little family fun! :]  Well... we got quite a few people to join and the money pot is at $500.  Now that is some major motivation!  I am pretty excited about the challenge, because I needed something to spice up my routine and get me motivated.

I joined a gym by my house a few days ago- "Snap Fitness."  LOVE IT!  It has everything I need to get a great, well-rounded workout, it's totally cheap, it's only a couple of blocks from my house, and the best part of all is that it's open 24 hours.  I have worked my butt off (literally) at the gym these past few days & it has felt great!  I am super excited about the new year and my new start to a healthier, happier me! :]

Well... after eating healthy and working out like crazy at the gym these past few days I am very happy with the results!  I have lost 6 pounds these past three days.  I know that you lose a lot the first week, but dang!  I'll take that!  

Hope everybody has a wonderful weekend! :]

♥ Katie

Friday, January 22, 2010

Oriental Chicken Salad! Yumm! :]

So today I discovered a new love in life... It's name is Oriental Chicken Salad from Applebees! Holy yum!! :] 

Life is good...  My school semester starts this week, which I'm actually pretty excited about.  I'm taking American Government, Personal Economics, A Language Arts, & Psychology.  Should be pretty fun, especially psychology & government.  I'm taking them all online this semester so that I can be there for the birth of my sister's baby at the end of April.  That way I can stay there for a few weeks, get my work done while I'm there, and not have to worry about missing anything. 

I really need to get into the habit of cooking again!  That is going to be my goal for next week- cook at least 5 of the days of the week.  I have a few weight watcher cookbooks that I really like, but I could definitely still use some more ideas.


♥ Katie

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Well... this is by far the hardest blog post I've had to write...

I am:

I faced the scale today for the first time in months.  After making horrible eating choices, not working out, and being really down on myself these past few months, not only did I lose all of the progress that I had made but I GAINED from my original starting weight. 

It's incredible how crummy that itty bitty scale can make you feel!  I realize that this is a pivotal moment in my life.  I am absolutely devastated, and could easily just throw in the towel.  In the past that is exactly what I would have done, but this is a NEW ME!  & I am not going to give up.  I am going to take this for what it is... a learning experience. 

Current Weight: 318.2 lbs.

That is a 3.2 lb. gain from my original start weight.  I am still in absolute shock!  & It's taking everything inside me not to fall apart...

But tomorrow is a new day!  I am going to wake up in the morning & move on.  

Goodnight All!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Hello 2010! A New Year- A Time For Change! :]

Hello all! :]  I have missed you dearly!

Life has been a crazy whirlwind these past couple of months, but I am officially committed to blogging for this new year.  A little late, but hey!  Better late than never, right?  I have really struggled with healthy choices these past two months.  I am going to put it behind me and start over!  I am ready to put forth the effort & will NOT give up on myself.  I am worth it :]

These past months in brief review:

I had a blast in sunny Arizona!

I am going to be an aunt!

I have a rekindled love for piano!

& I kicked my boyfriend to the curb who was doing nothing but bringing me down! :]

It has been a crazy couple of months, but afterward I am more enthusiastic than ever! & I am ready to turn my life around!  Hello new me :]

I will weigh in, set some new goals & elaborate more tomorrow!  Goodnight all!

♥ Katie