Monday, February 15, 2010

Pizza... My Archenemy!

So... I was doing really well with eating healthy until I was invited out for a valentines dinner @ a pizza place.  I tried to be good and have a side salad first so that I wasn't as hungry by the time the pizza came around.  Well needless to say.. I totally pigged out on pizza.  I told myself just to have one piece, but my stomach had alternate ideas.  I know these things happen every once and awhile, but it's hard not to get down on myself.  I know I just need to take it for what it is- an occasional indulgence- and get over it!

How do you avoid those trigger foods?  I have dealt with it by substituting the foods that I love for something healthier- for example: Rather than going out and ordering a pizza, I make homemade pizzas with whole wheat dough, low fat cheese, and turkey sausage rather than the fattening ingredients they are usually prepared with.

Have a great day everybody!

P.S: my weigh in day is going to be changed to Fridays, because I'm going back on my weight watchers program & that is when I go :]


  1. Don't stress too much over "pig outs". Just put one foot in front of the other.

    The way I cheat is:

    1. Drink lots of water so my belly is full. Maybe after the salad, I would have drank a whole glass of water. Then when the pizza came, you would not have had much room for more than one.

    2. There are some trigger foods for me that I HAVE to avoid like Chex mix... could eat the whole bag!

    3. Politely decline invitations to places where I know it won't be good for me... or I bring my own dinner/lunch.

  2. I like Jen's advice above about putting one foot in front of the other. I often tell myself one day at a time. I like the healthier version of pizza. We made one on Friday night with whole wheat pizza dough and veggies. Here's to a good week ahead!

  3. It's a tough thing to do in a restaurant, especially when out for pizza! Extreme will power. I don't have will power around pizza at all, so the few times we indulge in Pizza Hut, I really plan ahead so I don't go over calories.

  4. So you had a pizza. It's not like you ate 2 whole pizzas or that you do it twice a week or something. Enjoy!
    My arch enemy is chocolate. I do eat it and sometimes even way too much. Take last weekend (Valentine;s day the cause of all this!) I way overate on the chocolate! I know it's not good, but it was a special occasion and now I'm back on track.
    Live a little on the bad side at times and don't feel guilty.

  5. Ugh, if you figure out how to avoid those trigger foods let me know! I have some things that I just cannot seem to turn down.

    Good luck lady - you're doing so well!!