Friday, January 29, 2010

Ahh... the sweet smell of success! :]

So... a few days ago I joined a weight loss challenge with a bunch of members of my family!  We are calling it the 50 for 10.  You put in $50 and have to lose 10% of your body weight by the end of the challenge (March 29th).  If you meet your goal you get your money back and then split or get all of the money from the people that did not meet the goal.  A little family fun! :]  Well... we got quite a few people to join and the money pot is at $500.  Now that is some major motivation!  I am pretty excited about the challenge, because I needed something to spice up my routine and get me motivated.

I joined a gym by my house a few days ago- "Snap Fitness."  LOVE IT!  It has everything I need to get a great, well-rounded workout, it's totally cheap, it's only a couple of blocks from my house, and the best part of all is that it's open 24 hours.  I have worked my butt off (literally) at the gym these past few days & it has felt great!  I am super excited about the new year and my new start to a healthier, happier me! :]

Well... after eating healthy and working out like crazy at the gym these past few days I am very happy with the results!  I have lost 6 pounds these past three days.  I know that you lose a lot the first week, but dang!  I'll take that!  

Hope everybody has a wonderful weekend! :]

♥ Katie


  1. We have a new snap fitness in our town too. The 24 hour aspect of it is really cool. It is on my list of "things I would like to do when my client pays me"...:-) Congrats on the 6 pounds Katie!

  2. 6 pounds... WOW! A trick that I use is to drink enough water. I drink about 90 ounces... I know it sounds like a lot, but it really isnt. Also, my trainer says, Eat Less More Often. Go girl!!!!

    Love the family challenge too. We have to do our journey's together. My husband finally got on board!!!!

    Also, with a big loss this week, don't be down if it bottoms out at some point. That will just mean that you need to change it up a bit (maybe even eating more). I ams o excited for you, can you tell?

  3. We have a Snap Fitness in our town also, I love it. Never crowded since it is open 27/7- the equipment is great. Also since I travel I have
    used a Snap in three different cities, card works in over a 1000 locations. That is a big plus.Congradulations on your goals.

  4. Good job, girly!! Keep it up :) You can do it!

    I have seen the snap fitness' popping up around my area a lot lately.

  5. What Jen says is so true; Eat less, more often.
    It works. I split my lunch in two during the weekdays. It helps a lot. I don't feel hungry early on in the afternoon and keeps me from snacking.

    Good job on the gym. I'm back into the running and I feel great! My body is starting to change! My boyfriend has commented on it at least two times this week! *huge smile* (whispering...I can feel my butt moving less when I run! LOL)

  6. Hey... did you see that Lifetime movie last night: "Lying to be Perfect"?

    I am sap for Laifetime movies... but this one was really good and had a lot of one liners... so much so it has inspired me to write a blog entry... check my blog soon (or follow it) and I will try and get it posted today.