Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Follow Me On My Weight Loss Journey!

Hello! :]

I have made a promise to myself to make this blog completely blunt, 100% honest and straight to the point. I am a 20 year old Wisconsin girl. I am a fun-loving, outgoing, humorous, caring & kind person who just so happens to weigh 315 lbs. (Dang! It seems 10x worse when you actually write it out). I have decided to make myself somewhat anonymous, at least at this point, due to the simple fact that my situation isn't exactly something I am proud of. In fact- it is devastating to me. There's no way around it... being overweight is something I live with each and every day of my life. & let me tell ya- it is a lonely road.

But moving on! I want and need to remain positive and optimistic, because I am going to SHED THESE POUNDS!!! The plan is to rummage through different eating regimens, diets, exercise programs, life plans- whatever the heck you want to call them! & hopefully find something that works well for me. I want to live a happy and healthy life and am extremely excited about my new endeavor and change in lifestyle :] I will do a weigh in each week and hopefully see the numbers take a plunge. My first weigh in was today and here is my current weight/BMI & goals:

Weight Loss Journal
Start Weight: 315 lbs. (BMI-39)
Goal Weight: 155 lbs. (BMI-24)
Total Weight Loss Goal: 160 lbs.
Weekly Weight Loss Goal Rate: 3 lbs. per week
Estimated Time Of Weight Loss Completion: about 13 months (September 25th, 2010)

The first on my list of things to try is the "No White Diet". Brief synopsis: Basically, you just stop eating food with sugars, white flour (pasta, bread, cake, donuts, etc), white rice, and potatoes. This effectively cuts back on the carbohydrate in your diet, especially the high glycemic types. Just realize that there are also white foods, such as tofu, cauliflower, and onions, that are low in carbs and good for you! Here is the low carbohydrate pyramid that I am to live by :]

I will follow a daily exercise program consisting of about 30-45 minutes of light exercise. [Walk/Jog, Bike Ride, Swimming, or the infamous Wii Fit! :]

I am on vacation, but here are a couple of pictures I took of myself today.

Wish Me Luck! Goodnight Fellow Bloggers!

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  1. I just started as well Katie. Good luck to you!