Sunday, August 30, 2009

Love Wii Fit!

So yesterday wasn't exactly what I would consider exciting, hence- no blog. I drove all day, came home, took a nap, ate dinner, worked out (wii fit), and went to bed early. Exciting! I know :] My eating diary from yesterday Is as follows: Lunch- Chicken Sandwich & A Salad. Dinner- I made a turkey burger on wheat toast & baked potato fries.

I only worked out about 20 minutes on the Wii fit, but I was impressed with myself that I did it at all considering the fact that I was absolutely exhausted. I never realized how absolutely horrid my balance was until I began playing Wii Fit. They say to me "do you often find yourself tripping?" my answer- YES! I really like the variety of exercises that they have available to do, and I also love their brutal honesty. When first setting up the game you do a fitness test where they weigh you & check your balance. My "Wii Fit Age" is 29. Boo! That's +9 years over my actual age. Hopefully that will improve :] In reference to it's brutal honesty- when I weighed in she says in a sweet, cheerful voice "You're Obese!" I almost died laughing.. it was hilarious.

Today I am going to a Brewer's baseball game. They're playing the Pittsburgh Pirates, who they've beaten the past 2 games in the series so hopefully it will be a good game! :] Well.. I've gotta go get ready! I will blog later.

Have A Great Day!

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