Sunday, September 20, 2009

Day 20 Check In! :]

SoOoO... today marks 20 days of shredding & healthy eating! :] I feel absolutely fantastic & I am so excited about my new life!

Here are my current stats & pictures after 20 days of shredding!

Bust- 53" (1/2 inch loss)
Waist- 45.5" (2 inch loss!)
Hips- 58" (same)
Thigh- 32.5" (1/4 inch loss)
Arm- 19" (1/2 inch loss)
Total Inches Lost:  3 1/4 inches
20 Day Grand Total:  8 1/4 inches! :]

Starting Weight: 315 lbs.
Weight After 10 Days Of Shredding: 309.4 lbs.
Current Weight:  306.6 lbs.
Weight Loss: 2.8 lbs.
20 Day Grand Total:  8.4 lbs! :]

Pictures From Day 1 Of The Shred:

Updated Pictures After 20 Days Of Shredding: 


I'm off to work out!  Kind of late, but it's all good :] 
 I love my life.


  1. Katie, WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!!!!! I only wish I was as successful as you in the weigh loss department, I see to just keep gaining, but that's ok because the inches are taking over :-)
    Keep it up - 10 days left!

  2. Awesome changes!!!

    I can't wait to get home :)

    Originally I'm from Texas, born in Amarillo, moved to Janesville, WI when I was about a year and lived there until I was about 15 or 16, then moved to Merrill, WI...when I was 17 I moved to Canada!

  3. Wow katie, you are doing amazing! And I can definitely tell a difference between the two pictures.

    I just started day 1 today. Can't wait to be where you are at. :)

  4. Canada is's not home...but there are some places that have their perks.

    Really, you think Janesville is pretty? I hate Janesville, always have, but there are certain reasons for that. Head up north one day and hit Minoqua...THAT'S pretty!

  5. Your getting great results Katie. Keep up the good work. I'm going to try some of your WW dishes.

  6. That's great katie! The weight/inches loss is brilliant, but the the fact that you feel fantastic living your new life might be so much more wonderful!

  7. Ok I'll grant you that some places are pretty lol, but stay away from the fourth ward, 8 points, and the Mercy Hospital area. Down by the river though...yeah I miss it, so beautiful!

  8. NICE changes! You're doing awesome and sound so happy about the progress you're making! Keep it up!


  9. Wow you look great!! That's awesome. Keep up the good work and the positive attitude about life!

  10. You're shrinking!!! Wow, great changes in the photos! Congrats!