Friday, September 4, 2009

Goodbye 4 lbs! :]

So... today was my first weight watchers meeting.  It went great!  My leader is absolutely hilarious- I totally love her!  The facility is adorable- super colorful & bright!  & the group of people were super supportive and fun.  The best part of it all- I lost 4 lbs. this week :]
I had kind of a humbling experience while I was there... the girl behind me at weigh-in was super duper skinny and adorable.  I was kind of wondering what in the heck she was doing there... trying to make everybody feel like garbage or what?  During the meeting (she was sitting across the room from me)... I thought "maybe she's just here for some kind of confidence booster or something."  I'm not gonna lie... she kinda subconsciously ticked me off.  THEN our meeting leader announced that we had something to celebrate today!-  somebody had reached their lifetime goal... well you'll never guess who it was...???  Her of course!  She has been a member for a long time and has lost 60 pounds!  I felt absolutely horrible... how dare I judge somebody-  how dare I do the same darn thing that I worry people are doing to me.  As I said it was actually quite humbling & I'm glad I had the experience.  I am usually not a judgmental person whatsoever, but I have challenged myself to become better & I encourage everyone else to do the same :]

Well I'm off to work out! :] Hope Everybody Is Having A Fabulous Day!


  1. WOW! What an amazing weigh in! WTG girl!

  2. Awesome weigh in! 4 pounds - that is really great! Congratulations. Love the challenge, yes, I want to be a better person too!

  3. Go you! Great result!
    I'm weighing in tomorrow morning....fingers crossed.

  4. Holy weight loss - that's amazing!!

  5. Sounds like you had a great first meeting. Love your positivity and great energy!! XD