Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Happy Days...? More Like Crappy Days! :/

So I have a confession...  There is a reason I have not blogged these past few days... they have been downright crappy!  I had a migraine & cramps... I haven't been working out consistently & my eating habits have been nothing to write home about.  However, I'm going to try super hard not to let this one weekend of weakness bring me down.  I'm really sad & disappointed in myself that I let it happen, but whatever... I've just gotta get over it & move on.

Tomorrow is a new day! & It WILL be great! :]


  1. Yes it will! Because you will make it a great day!

  2. Forget about yesterday and focus on what you can do today! A bad weekend won't ruin your life. Do what you can today and plan for an even better tomorrow.

    You can do this - you can!

  3. Ha! You should see the mistakes I've made over the last few days! But these mistakes aren't weight-loss career enders!

  4. It is so good that you checked in. TOM can be a real drag sometimes. You are right tomorrow is another day. Try to do some form of exercise, it will make you feel better. Sending positive energy your way...