Thursday, September 3, 2009

Energizer Bunny! :]

As I blogged about earlier today, I really really had to push myself to exercise (shred) this afternoon.  But after that was all said and done and I got off my butt and did it anyways...  I have been like an energizer bunny ever since.  I shredded & then took my dog for a walk.  Then later on when I got home for the night I was for some odd reason motivated enough to work out on the treadmill AND do Wii Fit.  I feel like a little kid who had one too many pixy stix!  Yet I wouldn't trade it for the world... I haven't had this much energy in probably over 8 years- It's incredible!

My 1st Weight Watchers meeting is tomorrow morning :]  I'm pretty excited about it... it seems quite a few fellow bloggers have had a ton of success on the program & I'm hoping for the same outcome!  I decided to wait the extra couple of days and use tomorrow as my weigh in day as well.  I'm kind of nervous about that part... but we shall see- it is what it is.  Wish Me Luck!...

Goodnight! :]

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  1. Good luck good luck good luck at WW! I hope you love it. I have seen many a lady (and men) succeed on this program. Remember, the program only works if you stick to it! You can do it!

    Have a great weekend - M.