Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Pizza Anyone...?! :]

Today was a great day! :]  I didn't have to work which was a major plus!  I got some cleaning done, went grocery shopping & afterward  I ran on the treadmill.  No.. I don't think you understand- I, Katie, RAN!  I don't recall the last time I've come close to any gait near a run.  It wasn't easy and heaven knows it wasn't pretty, but I did it!  I was pretty gosh darn proud of myself! :]  I have tons of great workout music on my Iphone, which has really made working out so much more fun! 

So tonight I made homemade pizza on whole wheat pizza dough! (Thanks Kat!)  I used a recipe from one of my Weight Watchers cookbooks and just kinda souped it up a bit.  I made it with Mozzarella & Parmesan Cheese, Pepperoni, Turkey Italian Sausage, Green Pepper, Tomato & Onion. Yumm :]  It was absolutely delicious if I do say so myself!  A statement from my most intimidating critic (my mother of course): "This might just be the best pizza I've ever had!"  What more could I ask for?  I pleased the chef! :]  1 slice = 4  points- TOTALLY worth it to me!  Gosh I love pizza..*end of rant*
(The picture isn't the best- it kind of looks burnt,
but it's the whole wheat pizza dough- I promise!)

I hope everybody had a great weekend!  
Thanks for all of your kind words & encouragement! :]


  1. YUM the pizza looks great!!

    I'm totally jealous that you ran. Read my post today - I have runner's envy. Good job though. I am SO impressed with anyone that takes on running.

  2. Ooooooh that's brilliant1 it looks wonderful!
    Homemade pizzas are the best!

  3. Way to go~~ That pizza looks soo good! It's been a while since I've had a homemade one...gota add that to my list!

  4. I love pizza too...way too much...

  5. Congratulations on running Katie. The pizza looks good too!